BIG WAVE CAFE RE-OPEN – Sunday March 21, 2021

Manzanita is home to the Big Wave Café as well as the northernmost city in the Nehalem Bay Area.
Nehalem is built along the river of the same name. Despite the fact that the highway runs through it, it still bears a remarkable resemblance to its turn-of-the-19th-century self, with its old-fashioned storefronts.

Wheeler offers residents and visitors an impressive view of the bay, where, during the town´s heyday, local mills floated logs bound for San Francisco.

Together, the three villages, as many refer to them, compose a tight-knit, yet diverse community catering to everyone from golfers to organic farmers to visitors from the city to sports fishermen.

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Manzanita, the northernmost community in the Nehalem Bay Area, is home to the Big Wave Café.